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Spring 2015 Northland Sharpening Iron Men's Ministry Workshop, April 18, 2015

Special Invite From Dr. Bill

"Hey dads, here’s something just for you!  I’d like to invite you to join me at the Spring 2015 Northland Sharpening Iron Workshop on Saturday, April 18th.  We’ll be spending time in fellowship as guys, and I’ll be talking about how to be a fearless father (or grandfather!) in today’s world.


Here’s the deal:  our kids are growing up in a very different culture than we grew up in.  It can be hazardous place for children and teenagers.  They face dangers and temptations that didn’t even exist when we were kids. 


At the Sharpening Iron workshop, I’ll give you the straight facts about today’s youth culture and tell you what you need to know to be a confident, godly parent or grandparent in the 21st century. 


So tell your wife the “honey do” list can wait a few hours, grab a car full of your buddies, and join us at the Clyde Iron Restaurant on Saturday morning, April 18th!  Dr. Bill"

The Spring 2015 Northland Sharpening Iron Workshop, presented by Faith Radio, is going to be held at Clyde Iron Restaurant on Saturday morning, April 18, 2015. We are very excited to have Dr. Bill Maier, a nationally known Christian Radio personality, as the speaker at this Northland Sharpening Iron Workshop. The expenses and logistics of having Dr. Bill come to the Northland is being provided by the Faith Radio Network (Faith Radio 90.5 FM and 97.3 FM here in Duluth).

Dr. Bill will be here in person and will be sharing with us about "Fearless Fathering (and Grandfathering!) in Turbulent Times." He will educate us about the stark realities of today's youth culture—a very different culture from the one most of us grew up in! He'll also tell us what we need to know to be a confident, godly parent or grandparent in the 21st century.

The Spring Workshop will be held from 9:30 am to 12:00 noon, at Clyde Iron Restaurant, 2920 W. Michigan St, in Duluth. Registration will be from 8:30 to 9:30 am that morning, but we need an advance RSVP to get a fairly accurate "guy count" by April 13, 2015. Just make the RSVP by calling the Faith Radio Station in Duluth , at 218-722-6700, or by going to the RSVP site at  http://life973.com/fearless-fathering/   A free will offering will be taken at the workshop to help cover the costs of the event.

I encourage you to get a car full of your friends and come to what promises to be a very informative workshop for us Northland guys!!!

Clyde Iron Restaurant will be open for lunch if you want to eat there after the workshop.

Also remember that the radio program, Dr. Bill Maier-Live! can be heard every Saturday at 11:00 am CT and Sunday at 7:00 pm CT on Faith Radio. Listen online or tune to 90.5 FM. You can join the radio conversation by dialing 877-933-2484.

Dr. Bill Maier-Live! features compelling interviews, family-focused news and expert insight on how our Christian faith intersects with contemporary culture. You’ll also get a dose of Dr. Maier’s parenting tips and family advice.

In Christ, Ted