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Fall 2014 Northland Sharpening Iron Men's Ministry Workshop, October 11, 2014

-The Fall 2014 Northland Sharpening Iron Workshop-

The Fall 2014, Northland Sharpening Iron Workshop is scheduled for Saturday morning from 9:00 am to noon, on October 11, 2014, at Clyde Iron Restaurant in Duluth. Suggested donation is $15.00 which provides for the cost of the venue, for morning coffee and cookies and for a Pizza and Pepsi lunch. We are limited to about 120 guests, so sign up soon by emailing me, Ted Sexton, at sharpeningiron@gmail.com or call me at 218-269-7809, by October 3, 2014. Pay at the door. Registration starts at 8:00 AM. Coffee will be on, so come early.

The theme for the 2014 Fall NLSI Workshop is

"Operation Joshua: Facing the Unknown With Faith"

This workshop will be exceptionally interesting to the men in our area, young, middle aged and older guys. You don't live in this area by being a wimp. This event at Clyde Iron is for sure one to invite a bunch of your friends to, especially young guys who are interested in outdoor adventure!! Include this invite in your church bulletin too.

Speaking at our Fall 2014 Workshop:

-Pastor Brad Shannon from New Life Covenant near Twig, MN, who will be talking about his experiences and what faith lessons he learned from in his snowmobile journey of a lifetime from Twig to Hudson's Bay in Canada last winter.

-Pastor Kevin Erickson from Cross Hill Community Church an, EFCA church in downtown Virginia, MN, who will be talking about his experiences and faith journey in his participation in the epic 444 mile Yukon Kayak River Race this past summer.

-And you by participating in a group discussion called “Reach Out of the Box”, to develop ideas of unconventional methods for outreach to impact generally unreached subcultures in our part of the world. These subcultures maybe anything from video gamers, hunters, outdoors men, skateboarders, homeless people, etc. We will also discuss the possibility to reach these generally unreached subcultures with innovative and unusual methods that are not commonly done, like providing free CDs of great sermons from area pastors at bars or stores, having fishing tournaments, develop Canal Park youth performances, start up unique Facebook sites or websites, who knows. Come prepared to contribute to the ideas that we may develop, so we can jointly “Reach Out of the Box” of our local churches, all for the cause of Christ.

In Christ, Ted Sexton